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Faculty Positions:

Refer to the CS department web page on faculty candidates.


Currently no positions available

Graduate Students:

The AI Lab is always looking for bright, energetic computer science graduate students who are not afraid of developing real systems for complex real-world problems. The pressure and expectations will be high for those who work in the UIC AI Laboratory, but so are the rewards. Learning applied research and state-of-the-art development skills makes our successful M.S. and Ph.D. graduates highly sought after by leading edge technical companies.

Minimum qualifications for our graduate students includes the following:

Solid undergraduate preparation in the field of computer science. Occasionally, exceptional candidates from other fields are accepted, but computer science is strongly perferred.

Excellent programming skills. Development work is predominantly done in Java and C++ under a variety of different of operating systems.

Strong communication skills. Foreign graduates must have a minimum TOEFL score of 620.

A minimum combined GRE score of 2000.

To be considered for a research assistantship you first need to apply to the CS graduate program as a computer science student. Electrical and computer engineering students will not be considered for assistantships. Students should designate "Artificial Intelligence" as their interest area. We would also like you to fill out our potential students form which will be entered into our database and will alert us to your application.

Important: be sure to fill out the potential students form. This will keep our director from becoming inundated with e-mail.